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Plan Ahead


When it comes to the internet, a lot of people make the same mistake - they see a website as an extension of their printed advertisements or brochures, and not as a new channel to acquire new business.

Understanding the medium is half the battle. You'd never dream of putting a newspaper ad on TV without making significant changes.

Yet few companies think twice about putting their printed brochure online - as is. Both text and graphics will be different in electronic format - and so are people's viewing habits.

I can help you to discover the goals for your site; how to plan and manage the new technology; and how to make sure your site is as customer friendly as possible.

Planning for a web site that goes live in a few weeks is only the start. That's the first phase of an overall plan. By looking long term at the goals you want to achieve, I can help you create a map of the site you want two years from now, and discuss a plan of action to get you there.